The Buck-Budgeting Blondes

Hey money savers. K & A here-

We wanted to introduce you to the young women behind the CME Money Tips blog. To give you a little background info, we  graduated from college and are starting our careers at CME in the Member Communications Department. We have a great grasp of knowledge of the financial industry and love everything that marketing entails.

We are just two young women living in the city who love to have fun, work hard, and enjoy all the great restaurants, shopping and entertainment that Columbus has to offer. While we may have expensive taste when it comes to fashion, food and our choice of drink, we also look for opportunities¬†to save a pretty penny. Whether it’s food delivery savings, store sales, or travel discounts, there’s never a savings program we won’t sign up for.

Follow along with our journey here at CME and we’ll teach you a trick or two on the best deals and how to find them. Along with some financial tips such as avoiding debt, saving for retirement early and much, much more!

Until next time,

K & A


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